My name is Angel Sabater, and I’m a recent high school graduate and an aspiring photographer and writer. Ever since I was little I would always love reading even till now. Eventually I developed a love and passion for writing when I was in fourth grade, which is what took me into journalism in my freshman year of high school.

I had been apart of my high school’s journalism for my whole four years and it honestly helped me a lot, to understand the importance of creating stories, the importance of news and it helped me expand my writing skills. So when I graduated I hope I could continue doing what I love the most (photography and writing) and showcase it to the world. 

I was a victim of bullying since I was in middle school, even when I was in high school till the end of my senior year and it honestly made my days in high school a living nightmare. But, the things that got me through it all was my faith, family, friends and of course reading books and writing.

So as for this blog, I created it so I can share a collection of moments, memories, funny stories, my photography, and my personal opinions of interesting or serious topics I find important to me.

I hope you will enjoy my content. Thanks for the support! 🙂